Thursday, February 5, 2015

How to succeed in business by healing your inner child

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A year ago I published a very interesting and unique book I titled "40 Truths from my inner child". I recently produced a second edition on Flipbook.

Why would a geek like me publish a book on conversations with an inner child? You'll be surprised. The book, by the way, translated from the Polish, was titled "Strengthening Bonds". This title didn't have the magic click bait for US consumers. Everything has to have a number, 5 tips, 10 tips, 10 reasons, etc. If American's cant count it, they won't believe it. I counted 40 revelations in the book, so we re-titled it, "40 Truths from my inner child".

I had published Ewa's other book, Healing Fibromyalgia two years ago.

Friday, January 30, 2015

Calla's Curse, Robert Polans goes to Flipbook. Why "flipping it" might be the best thing an author can do.

Calla's curse jut came out on Flipbook today. This book is part experience and part fiction. Ron lived in an area that had a lot of organized crime, in Merrick Long Island. Not too far from Green Leaf Publishers headquarters, in Baldwin.

He took the bad ass characters from his own experience, he says on his interview featured at

In a recent interview he states that he did see some severed heads in a cooler when he was a young, on board of one of the bad guys' boats on Long Island then. Rules didn't apply and apparently they got away with a lot.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

GASP: Julie Eco Cop investigates suspicious train wrecks.

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In Episode 2, GASP, a train of toxic chemicals is derailed near an area populated by African-Americans, causing a poisonous explosion that kills hundreds of residents. Juliana Del Rio of the EPA and Sean Ryan of the FBI must team up to unearth the culprits. Infiltrating hate groups and an environmental conference in Argentina, they seek to discover who is causing suspicious chemical accidents worldwide, before the death toll mounts further.

NUKES: In the premiere, Julie investigates criminals trafficking in dangerous substances

During her day job at the EPA, she’s just a regular bureaucrat “lab rat” that craves real adventure and excitement in her life. Her burning passion has always been to get into law enforcement. Luckily Juliana gets her break by working with the FBI as a consultant helping them identify and solve crimes. In New York City, Juliana teams up with Sean Ryan, a stubborn, over-the-hill chauvinistic ex-nark who drinks on the job and could care less about environmental crimes like ocean dumping. Right off the bat, Sean doesn't think highly of Juliana as an agent or “woman cop”, yet they end up being teamed to pose as a husband and wife on a cruise to Alaska to catch a crooked boat captain from ocean dumping.

Wednesday, January 17, 2001

Review of Target Alaska by Manson Canyon for the Chattooga Press

This is a review of the original pre-publication. We printed a few copies and it went through two edits after this. Apparently some people on Amazon have the original book from 2001!

The book is now called Target Alaska, and it is available on Kindle.

Here is the very first cover we featured at the Chicago Book Fair and we got this review!

Some copies are still around in used book stores.